I'm the leader of a LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) meeting. What meeting controls are available to me during the session?

Meeting leaders have access to a variety of meeting controls, including the ability to record the meeting, mute audio, and lock the meeting. To access these controls, always log in and start the session you scheduled. If you select the participant link to attend the meeting, you may join as a participant, and then you will not have access to meeting controls.

The leader's toolbar may include icon such as

  • Unmute/Mute Audio - Activate or mute your own audio. Select the chevron beside the icon to choose an audio device.
  • Start/Stop Video (Webcam) - Active or deactivate your own webcam. Select the chevron beside the icon to choose a webcam.
  • Security - Access meeting controls quickly, such as allowing participants to engage the Share Screen or enabling the waiting room in real-time.
  • Participants - Display a list of all attendees present in the session and access permissions for individual attendees, such as promoting a participant to Co-Host.
  • Chat - Post and view chat messages during the session.
  • Share Screen - Share content items such as slide sets, websites, and applications.
  • Record - Record the session and choose to record locally or to the cloud. 
  • Breakout Rooms - Select this icon to create or manage Breakout Rooms in the session.
  • Reactions - Nonverbal feedback icons are available for use on the Reactions icon.
  • End - End the session for all, or, appoint another leader/host and then exit the session.

An example of the leader's toolbar within a Zoom session.



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