Zoom: Share Screen

In LiveOnline@UT (Zoom), use the Share Screen (or Share) icon on the toolbar to display content items in the meeting. Please keep in mind that the meeting leader may remove access to the Share Screen tool from meeting participants at any time.

After selecting Share Screen (or Share) on the meeting toolbar, choose which content item to display. Sharing options include:

  • Share the whole desktop or screen
  • Share an individual window (such as a slide set or application that is currently open on the desktop)
  • Share a portion of the desktop

Next, choose Share once more to start displaying content in the meeting.

To stop the Share activity, navigate the mouse to the top of the window and choose Stop Share.

If you do not have the Basic and Advanced tabs at the top of your Share options window, update the Zoom application. Go to our page at tennessee.zoom.us and choose Download Zoom to get the latest version.


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Fri 4/16/21 9:31 AM
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