Microsoft Teams: Send a Notice to the Entire Team

A Notice is a message that tags everyone in the team. They will receive a notification that a message is waiting for them. You can tag individuals or groups. Everyone in the group can see the message. Those who are tagged will receive an email or other prompt that they have a chat message waiting for them to view.

  1. Login to MS Teams through Office 365 or from your downloaded app. 
  2. Open your Class Team, you may need to go to the All Teams section to find your Class. 
  3. Inside your Class team, select the channel that all your students are part of. The default channel is general. 
  4. Click in the box to add a chat. Use the @ symbol followed by a name in a message to send a notification to the whole class to prompt them to view the message. 
    Example: @team or @Name of the Class You Chose  
    Using @General will send a notice to your whole class in the General channel. 


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