Web Browsers: Clear the Cache in the Most Common Web Browsers


Many problems users have with web applications can be fixed simply by clearing the browser's cache. Browsers "cache" information about a website, including images, audio or video files, and login information (in the form of cookies), so that the site will load more quickly if the user returns. While this can improve performance on some sites, it can also lead to problems.


If a user attempts to log in and enters an incorrect password, sometimes the browser will "remember" the failed attempt. The next time the user tries to log in, he or she will see an error message - from the previous cached login attempt. This can cause the user to think that they are repeatedly failing to log in when in reality the same attempt is being shown each time. Clearing your browser's cache will cause the browser to completely reload the page and send the login information correctly. Other examples can include users who attempt to log in while one of the servers is down or busy, or who have recently changed their password.

How To

Instructions for clearing your browser's cache can be found below:  


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