How To Manage Your MySQL Password

Note Before Proceeding:

  • OIT MySQL accounts use NetIDs or department NetIDs as usernames. It does not use NetID passwords.
  • MySQL passwords are not kept in sync with NetID's and do not expire.
  • OIT recommends NOT keeping NetID passwords and MySQL passwords synced. 

To Change MySQL Password:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Select Login
  3. Sign-in with your NetID and NetID password
  4. Under commands, select change a password
  5. Enter a new password and confirm
  6. Select continue to apply new password

*The above steps will change your current MySQL password using the most up-to-date password algorithm for all hosts paired with your username.

For Password Change to Apply To Specific Hosts:

  • A list of hosts paired with the account will be displayed
  • Highlight only the desired hosts for which you want the new password to apply.
  • Click "Continue" to apply the new password.

*Be aware that MySQL does not impose any sort of password strength or complexity checking.


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