Microsoft Teams: Private Channels


In MS Teams, everyone in the team can access all channels and files. If you need to create a subset of the team and limit access to who can access the files, a private channel can do that.


  1. Log in to Office 365 or open the Teams app on your computer. 
  2. Select the Team you want to add a private channel to by selecting All Teams and selecting the one you want.

  1. Once in the Team, click the ellipses menu next to the Team name.
  2. Select Add Channel.
  3. In the Create a channel window:
    1. Enter a Channel Name
    2. For Privacy, select Private.

  1. Select Next.
  1. Add the members who will have access to this channel and files.
  2. Your channel will now show in the channel listing with a lock next to it.

Add other team members after the initial creation of the channel:

  1. Select the ellipses menu next to the private channel name.
  2. Select Add Members.
  3. Add the individuals that need access.




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