Microsoft Teams: Start an Impromptu Meeting

The following tutorial will provide information on using MS Teams either online or with the desktop application. Before beginning this tutorial, ensure you have access to MS Teams on either your desktop or your mobile device.  
Download the MS Teams desktop application. Go to your device’s app store to download the MS Teams app available for smartphones and iPads. The mobile app has many of the same functionalities as the desktop app. 

Impromptu Meeting with a Team Channel 

  1. Select the Teams icon on the sidebar and choose the Team you want to meet with. 
  2. Select the Channel  
  3. Depending on your version of Teams, you will either:
    1. Navigate to the text field to compose a message and locate the video camera icon, selecting this will start an on-demand meeting. 


b. At the top right of your screen see choose the Meet button.

  1. If the participants panel on the right doesn’t load automatically, place the mouse on the video screen and a toolbar will appear. Select the participants icon to load a list of team members to invite to the meeting. 

  1. To invite team members, select the menu button to the right of the team name and choose Ask to Join.

Impromptu Meeting with One Person or a Small Group 

Use these instructions to have a Video meeting with one or more people with whom you've not previously had a Chat conversation. If you want to have a Video Call with one or more people who you’ve already started a Chat with, follow the instructions in this Knowledge Base article

  1. Select the Calendar on the left sidebar 
  2. On the top right of the Calendar screen, select Meet Now

  1. From there, select Join Now, this will begin a Video Call 

  1. Once connected, participants can be invited by typing their name in the search bar in the right panel. 


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