Microsoft Teams: Meeting Tips to Screen Share, Record, & Take Notes

The following tutorial will provide information on using Microsoft Teams either online or with the& desktop application. Ensure you have access to MS Teams on either your desktop or your mobile device.
Download the MS Teams desktop application. Go to your device's app store to download the MS Teams app available for smartphones and iPads. The mobile app has many of the same functionalities as the desktop app.

Screen Sharing During a Meeting

  1. Selecting the Share icon on the Video Call toolbar.
  2. From there all open browsers and applications will appear, choose the option you wish to share.
  3. To stop sharing, select the same button.
    NOTE: If you share a PowerPoint directly, more than one person can control it. See this Knowledge Base article on Presenting with PowerPoint in Microsoft Teams.

Recording a Meeting

  1. To begin recording a meeting, use the meeting control toolbar to Start Recording.

  1. The recording of the meeting will appear in the Meeting Chat at the conclusion of the meeting, the video file can be downloaded as a local file by selecting the down arrow.

Taking Notes During Meetings/Sharing Notes

There are a couple of ways to prepare notes before a meeting, watch this Meeting Notes with a OneNote Tab video for more information.

  1. To take notes during a meeting and edit pre-existing notes, select the more options in the ellipsis … menu on the video toolbar and choose Show meeting notes.

  1. To view notes following a meeting, locate the meeting on the calendar, and select the event. Meeting notes will appear automatically.


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