I keep getting an error message when I try to upload a file to my Online@UT (Canvas) course site. How do I fix this?

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When naming any file to upload into Canvas, please follow these guidelines:

Use the following in your filenames:

  • Letters (ABCabc...)
  • Numbers (0123456789)
  • Underscores ( _ )
  • Document File Extension (Always include the document file extension, such as .docx or .pdf)

Avoid the following:

  • Special characters ( ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * etc. )
  • Spaces (While technically supported, it is best to avoid spaces)
  • Long File Names (Limit file name character length to 60 characters or less)

Use an accepted file format:

Document Preview Files

The following file types are supported for Canvas DocViewer:

.doc .odt .sxi
.docx .pdf .sxw
.odf .ppt .xlsx
.odg .pptx .xls
.odp .rtf .txt
.ods .sxc  


Supported Image Formats

Canvas will accept the following image files:

  • BMP - Windows Bitmap
  • GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
  • JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics
  • TIFF - Adobe Systems
  • PNG - Portable Network Graphics

Note: While TIFF files can be uploaded to file storage, they will not display within any area of Canvas.


Supported Video Formats

The Canvas media player supports H.264 video playback; for platforms that do not support H.264 directly, the Canvas media player uses a Flash plugin.

Canvas will accept the following video files for playback:

  • FLV – Flash Video
ASF – Windows Media
  • QT – Apple QuickTime
MOV – Apple QuickTime
MPG – Digital Video Format
  • MPEG – Digital Video Format
AVI – Digital Video Format
M4V – Digital Video Format
  • WMV – Windows Media

  • MP4 – Digital Video Format

  • 3GP – Multimedia Mobile Format

For tips about media compressions and playback quality, view Vimeo's Video Compression Guidelines.


Supported Audio Formats

Canvas will accept the following audio files for playback:

MP3 – Digital Audio Format

  • WMA – Windows media audio
  • WMV – Windows Media


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