How do I use rubrics in conjunction with Unicheck in Online@UT (Canvas)?

You can add a rubric to an assignment to help students understand expectations for the assignment and how you intend to score their submissions. Occasionally, rubrics are added to assignments when you have an outcome inside of the rubric that you would like to use for alignment purposes. In addition to assignments, rubrics can also be added to graded discussions and quizzes.

Rubrics can be added by finding an existing rubric in one of your courses, or by creating a new rubric.

If you are wanting to add a rubric to an Assignment within Online@UT (Canvas) please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Assignments link.
  2. Click on the name of the Assignment for which you want to add a rubric.
  3. Click the + Rubric button.
  4. To find an existing rubric, click the Find a Rubric link. You can find rubrics that were created in previous assignments as well as rubrics created in other courses where you have an instructor role.
  5. In the first column, select a Course. In the second column, locate and click the name of a rubric. You can view the criteria and points in each rubric. In the third column, to select a rubric for the assignment, scroll to the bottom of the rubric and click the Use This Rubric button.
    • To reopen the rubric and select rubric settings, click the Edit icon.
    • If you can't find an existing rubric to use for the assignment, you can create a new rubric for your assignment. New rubrics are saved in your course for future use.
    • Once you have added a rubric, you can select several options for the rubric:

      - If you want to write free-form comments to students in SpeedGrader, select the I'll write free-form comments when assessing students checkbox.

      - If you want to use the rubric for grading in SpeedGrader, select the Use this rubric for assignment grading checkbox.

      - If you don't want students to see the score total for the rubric, select the Hide score total for assessment results checkbox. Students can still see the point values for each criterion, but the total score will not be shown at the bottom of the rubric. This option is only available if the rubric is not used for grading and only applies to students when they view rubrics from the Grades page.

  6. Click the Update Rubric button.

Additional support guides on using Rubrics


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