How do I add more time to a student's quiz attempt in my Online@UT (Canvas) course site?

  1. In your Course Navigation menu, click the Quizzes link.
  2. Select the quiz to which you need to add the time extension. If it is published, you will see a number of actions you can choose on the upper right side of the page including “Quiz Statistics,” “SpeedGrader” and “Moderate This Quiz.”
  3. To add time for a student who needs it, select Moderate This Quiz. Please note again that unpublished quiz items do not have these options.
  4. Scroll down until you see the student's name.
  5. Select the Edit icon; that is, the tiny pencil all the way to the right in the student name row, to moderate the student's attempt.
  6. In the entry box beside Extra Time on Every Attempt, add whatever additional time is needed:
    • This is not the total time the student gets. Canvas does the math, so just add the additional time.
      • For example, if the student gets time and a half and the exam is 60 minutes, add 30 minutes in the box. Canvas will calculate and give the student 90 minutes.
    • If the student hasn't yet taken the quiz, the extra time will be added to the student's initial attempt and any additional attempts.
    • If a student is currently taking the quiz while you are viewing the Moderate Quiz page, you can extend the quiz time as part of their current attempt.
  7. Select Save.


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Thu 10/15/20 11:25 AM