Panopto: Embed Video in Canvas or on a Webpage


How to embed a Panopto video in Canvas or on a webpage.


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Finding and Copying the Embed Code for a Video | Placing the Embed Code in Canvas or on a Webpage | Changing Settings for Embedded Videos


Follow the instructions below to find out how to embed a Panopto video on a website outside of Canvas. If you are embedding Panopto content in your Canvas course, please follow these instructions instead.


Finding and Copying the Embed Code for a Video

  1. Within the Panopto on the web or within the Panopto interface in Canvas, navigate to the folder that contains the video you want to share.
  2. Click the Share button for the video. This can be found by hovering over the video in the Panopto browser or by clicking on a video and looking for the share icon in the top toolbar.

  3. Click the Share tab on the left of the settings window

  4. “Link | Embed” appears at the top of the screen. Click Embed. This will open the Video Embed Options table. 

  5. Click the Copy Embed Code button 

Placing the Embed Code in Canvas or on a Webpage

  1. Select View and then HTML editor. 

  2. Paste the embed code in the Canvas editor in a module, assignment, announcement, or anywhere you can edit content using the WYSIWYG HTML editor in Canvas.

  3. Click save 

  4. To save on a webpage, paste the embed code on the page using the HTML editor and click Save

Changing Settings for Embedded Videos

  • You can change embed options before copying and pasting the embed code in Panopto. These settings also apply when you're adding a video to a Canvas course using the WYSIWYG content editor in Canvas.

  • Things you can change before embedding a Panopto video: 

    • Aspect Ratio 

    • Width (px) 

    • Height (px) 

    • Start At (time) 

    • Show Captions

    • Auto-play

    • Enable "Watch in Panopto" button

      • Turning this setting on will allow users to pop out of Canvas and watch the video within the Panopto web interface instead.

    • Shot Title of presentation

    • Show Logo with presentation

    • Interactivity (search and rating, comments, etc) 

      • Leaving search and rating on will allow viewers to use the search tool in the video. Ratings are automatically set to off system-wide in Panopto and cannot be turned back on.

      • Turning off all interactivity will only allow your viewers to watch the video and nothing else.



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