Retiree Email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is this a new account?
    • This is your same account.  The only change is that the suffix of your email address will be changed from “” to For now, your login username is the same; however, later this year, your login username will change to match Your NetID will remain the same. Think of it like someone changing their last name when they get married. Same person, different last name.
  2. Do I need to transfer anything from my current account?
    • No. The actual account where your mail is stored will remain the same; we're just changing the name of the account.  This is similar to when some rural areas had their addresses updated with the implementation of 911.  Same house, different name. 
  3. Do I still need to inform people I communicate with via email of my email address change?
    • Yes.  There is no way to forward the emails to your new address automatically, so you will still need to inform everyone of your new email address. 
  4. When is all of this going to happen? I heard it was going to happen on….
  5. What about my friends who already moved away from their UTK email with the understanding that it was going to go away?
    • Any retirees who have already moved away from their UTK email are welcome to continue using their account and new email address. 
  6. What if I am an Alumni and I would rather have the address? 
    • Yes, more information will be available once the alumni sign-up process is available.  Learn about alumni email at
  7. Do I get to keep my contacts list in Microsoft 365?  
    • Yes. 
  8. Do I get to keep my calendar in Microsoft 365? 
    • Yes. 
  9. Do I get to keep my To Do items in Microsoft 365?
    • Yes.
  10. I retired as staff but previously held a faculty position. How do I convert my account to a faculty/emeritus account?
    • If you've already been set up in IRIS as an emeritus, we've got you covered, and you don't need to contact us. If not, contact the OIT HelpDesk, and we will review your request.  


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