Mac: Windows for Students with M1/M2 Mac Computers

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Microsoft recently partnered with Parallels to bring Windows 11 ARM to the Mac. This means that students can now purchase Parallels 18, obtain a Windows download from Parallels, and then obtain a Windows license code from Kivuto (see instructions below).  Students will use the Windows 11 license from Kivuto to activate the Windows ARM download offered from Parallels. 


There are 3 basic steps:

  1. Purchase Parallels 18 (directly from Parallels). Parallels is subscription-based and renews annually.
  2. Install Parallels, then download & install the Windows offered by Parallels
  3. Obtain a license code from Kivuto to activate Windows 11.

Other Notes

  • Boot Camp remains unavailable for M-processor Macs.
  • Using Windows in an OIT Lab remains an alternative.
  • For university-owned computers, we have an ARM-based copy of Windows available through our volume license that can be installed via Parallels.


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