IRIS: Releasing and Correcting Changed After Approval Work Items in the Inbox

When an existing time entry is changed after it was previously approved, the original time entry appears in the departmental approver’s IRIS inbox again to let the individual know that it has been modified. The most common instance of this occurring is when an approved time entry is zeroed out for a correction and that time entry is not successfully rereleased for approval. If you or a colleague ever encounter this issue, following the steps below should help correct it:

  • Step 1: Open the CADO – Display Time Sheet Data transaction and add the UT employee’s personnel number in the Personnel No. field. The Date Selection Period fields will also need to reflect the impacted payroll period dates. When the selection screen is completed with the correct information, click Execute. In the Exception column at the left-hand side of the report results screen, a list of color-coded values will appear. (Each color represents a status of the individual entry, which is further explained in the Name column on the report results screen.) If a gray or yellow color appear in this column, that entry may need to be addressed and ultimately rereleased for approval.
  • Step 2: Once the impacted entry is identified, access the ZCAT – Time Entry transaction again to re-release all of the associated time entries for the UT employee and the specific payroll period.
  • Step 3: After re-releasing the time entries for approval, use the CADO transaction to track the time entries and ensure they are re-released and approved through the IRIS inbox or immediately using the ZCAP – Time Approval transaction. 

For additional assistance utilizing IRIS, please visit our instructional documents and videos on the IRIS Help website.  You can also submit a help ticket online if you have additional questions.

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