IRIS: Allow Pop-Ups on Your Browser

Whether using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge, pop-ups will need to be allowed in order to use several different functions within the IRIS Web Portal.  Pop-ups should be allowed for and if you wish to continue to place restrictions on what is opened.  We recommend using a search engine such as Google to find those instructions, using as an example "Pop-ups Chrome" as the search criteria. There is also a helpful article on the Knowledge Base entitled "Allowing Web Browser Pop-up Windows".

Some, but not all, of the portal functions that create pop-ups include:

  • Inbox
  • Outside Interest Disclosure
  • Influenza Verification Form
  • Beneficiary Electronic Form
  • Leave Request
  • Leave Certification

For additional assistance utilizing IRIS, please visit our instructional documents and videos on the IRIS Help website.  You can also submit a help ticket online if you have additional questions.


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