NetID: Retiree Directory Information Unavailable

The University of Tennessee Administration has requested that the Office of Innovative Technologies (OIT) limit the visibility of information for retirees in the online directory. 

Once an employee retires from the University, several changes will occur to the employee's account: 

  1. Your name will no longer appear in the online directory,
  2. If you are using UT email through Outlook for Windows or Mac, or online at, email from you will no longer list your name in the “from” field.  Email will appear to be from your NetID, rather than your display name.

Note: If you are no longer using your UT email account and would like to cancel your account, please contact the OIT HelpDesk at (865) 974-9900.

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Thu 3/24/22 11:51 AM
Fri 5/10/24 4:49 PM
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