NetReg: New Network Registration Feature Changes

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For general information about the October 5-6 upgrade to the NetReg system, see our news article on the OIT website

New Features

  • API - Access to a RESTful API for managing devices.
  • Consolidation of User Device Management Screens - Users can manually manage all their devices from a centralized location.
  • Device Labels - This new field allows users to name their device(s) regardless of any other users’ device names, alleviating legacy NetReg competition over preferred hostnames.
  • Federated AD Group Membership - Owners of AD Groups can manage their own membership rosters defining who can access which NetReg Resources.
  • Identity consolidation - Legacy NetReg used the concept of "Group Identities" to allow users to flip between identities to view and edit particular groups of devices. The new NetReg simplifies and combines all NetReg group access memberships and permissions into a single user experience.
  • Location and Room – Fields no longer required if device is not UT owned.
  • OS – Field no longer required, but still available for inventory tracking purposes.
  • Streamlined Admin User Interface - New navigation and resource organization improve the ease of use when managing and troubleshooting networking issues.
  • Updated Device Registration Workflow - Registering devices via the Captive Portal is improved with AA compliance level accessibility for both a wider audience of users and a wider diversity of devices. The new process greatly lessens networking jargon and even includes the ability to automatically name devices, which means less support is needed for users struggling to implement hostnames, IP addresses, domain names, or FQDNs.

Unavailable Upon Launch

  • DNS lookup tool
  • Last DHCP timestamp
  • Ping tool
  • DHCP log search (OIT only)
  • NetReg log search (OIT only)
  • Edit MAC watch list notifications (OIT only)
  • Send COPVIO email (OIT only)
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