I added polls to my LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) meeting. Can an alternative host launch or edit polls during the session, even if the polls were created under the leader's account?

Yes, an alternative host may launch, add, or edit polls in real-time, if the leader has allowed this action. For the best results, we recommend the following.

  • The leader and alternative host must have the most recent version of Zoom installed on their devices. To download Zoom, please visit the Zoom Downloads page.
  • The leader must select the option to allow an alternative host to add or edit polls during the scheduling process. The option is located near the alternative host field. The image below is an example screen shot from the UT Zoom website interface.

An example of the Alternative Host and Polling fields.


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Mon 9/27/21 1:43 PM
Mon 10/4/21 1:23 PM