Zoom: Security Icon on the Toolbar

By selecting the Security icon on the meeting toolbar, leaders, co-hosts, and alternative hosts may quickly access meeting tools and permissions.

  • For example, a leader may choose to allow or remove the share screen function from participants by selecting an option on the Security menu.
  • The Security icon also includes the option to Suspend Participant Activities. When selected, this option ends all audio, webcam, and share screen activity in a session. The leader (or co-host/alternative host) may then enable these tools once more, at their convenience.

If you're the leader of a Zoom session and the Security icon does not appear on the toolbar, check for a Zoom update for your device. Please visit Zoom's download site.

An example of the Seucirty icon options in a Zoom session.


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Tue 7/20/21 3:45 PM
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