T-Storage: Migrating your H:Drive to OneDrive (macOS)


Before proceeding, be sure you have the OneDrive application installed and configured and your T-Storage H: Drive mapped.

  • This process must be completed using an on-campus computer. The VPN (Pulse Secure) will be unable to handle the file migration network traffic.
  • Your Mac’s hard drive will need to have enough disk capacity to copy the data to OneDrive for the initial sync. For example, if you have 50GB of data in your H: Drive you will need 50GB of free space on your Mac. Find out how much storage is available on your Mac.
  • OIT also suggests syncing all of your local folders and documents for backup, sharing, and versioning purposes. Other folders may include your Desktop, Documents, and/or Pictures.
  • It might be helpful to do an "H Drive prep" before syncing. This includes cleaning up files that you don’t need or don’t want to be moved over to OneDrive. 

macOS Instructions

  1. Open two Finder windows by clicking on the Finder icon in the Dock, then pressing Command+N or File > New Finder Window to open the second Finder window.
  2. In one Finder window, navigate to the data you wish to migrate in your H: Drive. In the other Finder window, navigate to your OneDrive folder.
  3. In the Finder window with your H: Drive data, press Command+A on your keyboard or go to Edit > Select All to select all of your files
  4. Click and drag your files over to the Documents window while holding down Command (this will move the files to OneDrive instead of just copying) and release the mouse button.
  5. Now your H: Drive files are in OneDrive.  You can check the status of your file syncing by clicking on the OneDrive icon in your menu bar at the top of the screen. When finished it will report that OneDrive is “Up to date.”
  6. Once the sync is complete and you have finished moving your data, disconnect the H: Drive by clicking the Eject icon beside the tshome label in Finder.


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