Hardware Tokens for Two-factor Authentication


OIT will provide one hardware token at no cost to individuals who do not have a smartphone. A hardware token is a small device that can be attached to your keychain that will generate a time-based code used during the two-factor authentication process.

Campus Specific Support:

  • UTK, UTSA, IPS, UTIA, and UTSI - OIT HelpDesk (865) 974-9900
  • UTC - UTC HelpDesk (423) 425-4000
  • UTHSC - UTHSC HelpDesk (901) 448-2222
  • UTM - UTM HelpDesk (731) 881-7900

How to Request a Hardware Token

Submit a hardware token request online. Once requested, tokens may be picked up at the Commons @ Hodges Library.

If you lose your token, wash your token, run over it with your car, or otherwise find yourself in need of a new token, replacement tokens are available for $10 at VolTech in the Student Union.

Operating the Hardware Token

  1. Press and release the red button to generate a code
    **Do NOT press and hold the button as this will generate an error code of 888888.

Using your Hardware Token to Sign in

  1. Access the desired UT system like you normally would using your NetID and password.
  2. After successful authentication with your NetID password, Select Enter a Passcode on the next screen.
  3. Press and release the red button on your hardware token and enter your code.
    *If the machine or device you are connecting from is trusted, like your computer or laptop (not a public use machine), you can select the Remember me for 7 days option to remember the device.

  4. Click Login to continue.


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Duo Two-Factor Authentication