I'm a participant of a LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) meeting and I need to join the meeting via the telephone. What should I do?

There are two options for joining a meeting via the telephone. 

Option 1 - Join the meeting by computer for video (webcam) and screen share content, and use the telephone for audio:

  1. Click on the link provided by your meeting host to launch the meeting.
  2. Once you are in the meeting, select the chevron next to the microphone symbol on the toolbar.
  3. In the audio window, select to Join by Phone or Switch to Phone Audio.
  4. Dial in to the meeting using the number appearing this window. You may also be prompted to enter the Meeting ID number during the call.

Option 2 - Join the meeting via the telephone (audio only):

  1. The teleconference number assigned to the meeting appears in the meeting invitation (if the teleconference audio feature has been applied to the meeting). Dial this number and if prompted, enter the meeting ID (this information also appears in the meeting invitation email). 
  2. If prompted for a unique participant ID, press the # key to skip this option.

Please note that the meeting leader may choose not to include the teleconference audio feature in the meeting. In this situation, VOIP audio may be the only audio available for use in the meeting.


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