On-campus SMTP Access

Do you need to send email through a device such as a server, copier, or UPS, or through an app or service? You have two options:

  1. You can use Office 365’s SMTP service, smtp.office365.com (Port 587) for authenticated access. Note the app or service will need to support OAuth2.0.
  2. If your device cannot use the Office 365 service, submit a request online to OIT for access to smtp.utk.edu and include the following information:
    • Requestor
    • Technical point of contact (can be the same as the requestor)
    • The IP address of the device
      *A static or DHCP-reserved IP address is required.
    • Type of Device* (g., copier, multifunction copier/fax/printer, server, etc.)
    • Justification of request
    • Expected/estimated volume of mail sent (g., emails per day, per week, per month.)
    • Please list the name of the security plan that includes this device.

*Some devices, such as copiers and multifunction devices, will need to be placed in the moderate (MOD) network before access to smtp.utk.edu will be granted. Contact the OIT HelpDesk to request a device be added to the moderate network. Devices connected to smtp.utk.edu must have a static or static DHCP entry in NetReg. 

In an effort to keep the access list current, if your device does not send an email for one year (365 consecutive days), we will contact you to determine if it can be removed from the list.

May 31, 2022, Change to smtp.utk.edu

The Office of Innovative Technologies changed the on-campus SMTP service on Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Please review the configuration of your devices and determine if you should take action.  

  • If you are sending emails using one of the SMTP IP addresses, you will need to update your settings when we replace these devices on May 31. OIT recommends utilizing the name but understands that some services and devices cannot. In that case, you should reconfigure your settings using the new numbers below.  

  • This change will not affect you if you send emails through smtp.utk.edu (recommended) or with Microsoft 365’s SMTP service.    

More information 

The Office of Innovative Technologies is reconfiguring the smtp.utk.edu service as part of the Windows 2012 retirement project.  When an email is sent using smtp.utk.edu, four IP addresses are behind that DNS round robin.  OIT will replace the four current IP addresses with two new ones.       

If you have a device or application allowed to relay email thru smtp.utk.edu and you have hard-coded an IP address instead of using the DNS name (smtp.utk.edu) in the configuration, you will need to update the IP address being used or switch to the DNS name.  We recommend using the DNS name, smtp.utk.edu, instead of hard coding an IP address.  

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