Security Classification: Find the Device Referenced in the Classification Survey Email

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Each network registration entry indicates who the “owner” of the device is and who the “primary user” of the device is.  The primary user will receive the Classification Survey email.

If you are unfamiliar with the device name in the email, there are a couple of ways for us to help you figure it out.

Our Network Registration database (NetReg) includes additional information about your device.  The information is collected when the device is first registered and may not have been updated.  Information collected includes the location, operating system, and in some cases, blue tag and serial number.  Contact the OIT HelpDesk or go to NetReg: Manage My Devices and log in to access this information.

You can also determine which device you are currently using by taking the steps below.  You can follow these instructions from all your devices to determine the IP name of that device.

From a device connected to the wired network or eduroam, go to  The name of the device is located in the top box. You may repeat this process on all of your network devices until you determine which machine is which. 

Who is screenshot

From a device connected to ut-open, you have 2 options:

  1. Log on to the eduroam wireless network and follow the instructions above.


  1. Go to NetReg: Manage My Devices and log in.

Once you have logged in, you will see a list of all the devices where you are the assigned owner. 

NetReg Page

If the device in the email is not on this list, you are not the owner of record.  

If you need any assistance, contact the OIT HelpDesk for assistance determining the IP name of your device.  The OIT HelpDesk can provide additional information, such as create date and the location on record.


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