Are Breakout Rooms available in the LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) application?

Yes, Breakout Rooms are available on the LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) application. Meeting leaders may select the Breakout Rooms icon on the meeting toolbar to get started. 

An example of the Breakout Rooms icon on the Zoom toolbar.

After selecting the icon on the meeting toolbar, the Breakout Rooms configuration window will appear. Next, leaders may enter the number of rooms they wish to create (limit is 50 per meeting) and leaders may choose how to distribute meeting participants to rooms. The distribution options are

  • Allow the application to assign participants to rooms randomly
  • Select participants and assign them to a room manually
  • Allow participants to choose a room (If participants do not have this option, they will need to update the version of Zoom on their device.)

An example of the distribution options for Zoom Breakout Rooms.

  • When ready, select Create to continue.
  • Select Open All Rooms when ready to begin the Breakout Room activity.

An example of three Zoom Breakout Rooms that have not been started.

If the Breakout Room icon does not appear on the meeting toolbar and you are the leader of the meeting, exit the meeting and update the Zoom desktop application. To update the desktop application while signed into the desktop application, select the Profile icon on the top-right of the desktop application, and choose Check for Updates.


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