What are some of the caveats / known issues for Staff and Faculty switching to Gmail?

  • UTK Gmail is only available for UTK Staff and Faculty. This includes individuals who are paid from an E01 account. 

  • OIT does not recommend or support moving your email, calendar, and contacts to your new account. We recommend building your contacts and calendar from scratch. If you choose to proceed, instructions are available in the OIT Knowledge Base: Migrating Email | Contacts | Calendar

  • Switching accounts does not move your mail, contacts, and calendars during this process.  All new emails will be delivered to your new selection and the existing email will remain in the other account. UTK Gmail Configuration Instructions

  • Calendar sharing and delegation for UT accounts is not possible between Microsoft 365 and Google.

  • Shared Mailboxes and full mailbox/send as rights for individual and departmental accounts must still be managed through Office 365. Departmental accounts will not be migrated to Gmail.

  • The “encrypt” command only works if the email is sent from an Office 365 mailbox.  It will not work if sent from a Gmail mailbox.

  • Office 365 groups have a setting that allows the group to receive emails from people outside the organization. A user that has their email routed to the UTK Gmail mailbox is considered a user outside the organization. The owner of the group can change the settings on the group to enable outside people to send to it.

    • From Outlook for Windows, find the Group in your folder list, click "Group Settings" from the menu, and select Edit Group. Check the box in the lower right corner labeled "Let people outside the organization email the group."

    • From a web browser, Log in to Microsoft 365 and open Outlook. Find the Group from your folder list, click the 3 dots (...) in the menu under the group name, and select Settings. Click Edit Group, then check the box labeled "Let people outside the organization email the groups."

  • AD email-enabled groups have an "authentication" setting that controls whether external users can send email to the group address. Since UT Gmail users are considered external, the AD group authentication setting will need to be set to "Anonymous" to allow UT Gmail users sending rights to the group.

    • If you are the owner of the AD email-enabled group and need to update the settings, you can request an update from the OIT HelpDesk.


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