Argos User Guide and FAQs

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How do I access Argos?

There are three ways to access Argos:

  2. Apps@UT
  3. Sign into MyUTK. At the top, go to Campus Services > Argos Reporting.

How do I request an Argos account?

New Argos users must contact Enrollment Services to request a new Argos account.

Select Public Documents in the left-hand column and choose Argos_Account_request_form_2013_03_08.

  • Choose Argos Production Report Viewer only.
  • Complete the justification section (required prior to approval).

An Argos access request must be approved by a dean, director, or department head.

When a request form has been completed and approved, fax the form to the Enrollment Services Tech Team at (865) 974-0727.


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