Exporting Data from Argos to Excel

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If you are using the “ARP – Academic Reporting Portal”

If you are using the “ARP – Academic Reporting Portal”, this “how-to” information can be found on the “?” tab.  Simply click on the “?” tab and then click on the “How to Save a Report” button to see the “how-to” instructions (see screenshot below).

For all other DataBlocks

For all other DataBlocks that provide the data “on-screen” that you wish to export to Excel, follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Run the report you want to export.
  2. On that report, right-click within the data grid.  This will activate a pop-up menu similar to the following:
  3. From the pop-up menu, select Save results…  This will activate the Save Results screen, which will look similar to the following:
  4. Next, click the Save button (by default, all of the fields are already selected for you).
  5. Next, you will see the standard “save” screen.  Here, you will specify the location for your exported file and provide a file name.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Now, depending on the size of the exported data, it may seem as if things have locked up.  Don’t be concerned, it is just creating your export file for you.  Once Argos is finished, you will see a message similar to the following:
  8. Click OK and you will have your exported data will be waiting for you.


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