Zoom: Share Video and Audio in a Meeting

In a Zoom meeting, the Share Screen icon on the toolbar may be engaged to display content items, such as slide sets, applications, and media files.

  • Share Screen, Advanced, and Video - This option will allow you to display a MP4 or .MOV video clip. 
  • Share Screen, Share Sound - At the bottom of the Share Screen window, select the box next to Share Sound to broadcast the audio associated with a file that is being shared.

As you move forward with sharing content, please keep the following tips in mind.

  • Have all content open or easily available before you start your meeting or online classroom.
  • To share a media file with sound, be sure to select the Share Sound item in the bottom-left of the Share Screen options window.
  • Explore which Share Screen option works best for your needs. Are you moving from one application to the next, and would sharing the whole desktop be more convenient? However, with this option, keep in mind that participants will view the content (files, folders, images, etc.) on the desktop.
  • Use the Security icon on the toolbar to quickly access meeting controls and grant access for participants to Share Screen, as needed.

If the Share Screen, Advanced, Video option is not available in your Zoom session, try updating the Zoom installation. To get the latest version of Zoom, please go to https://tennessee.zoom.us and select Download Zoom. For more information on the latest Share Screen, Video option, please review this article on sharing and playing a video.

Example of the Share Screen and Video options in Zoom.


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