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Installing the Citrix receiver

If you encounter issues installing the Citrix Receiver, try installing the Citrix Workspace app for your respective operating system. 

  1. Navigate your browser to Apps@UTK and log in with your NetID and Password.
  2. Accept the monitored computer system disclaimer.
  3. Click the button to Detect Receiver.
    1. If Citrix Receiver is not detected, check the 'I agree...' box and click the Download button.
    2. Click Continue
    3. Save the installation file and run the installer to install the Citrix Receiver software. The below screenshot is from a Mac, however, the process is similar on Windows or any other web browser. You'll go to your computer's Downloads folder and run the installer. 
  4. With Citrix Receiver installed, navigate back to Apps@UTK and you will see the list of available apps. 
    • Note: You may be prompted by your browser to download the Citrix Receiver again when you visit Apps@UTK.  Your browser should prompt you to open the application without going through the download again.
    • You can locate apps by using the search bar at the top right of the screen or by organizing the apps using the Categories button.

Launching an application in Apps@UTK

  1. Rather than Launching applications from the Citrix Workspace app on your computer, it is best to launch time from the Apps@UT Website. 
  2. Go to and log in.
  3. Locate the icon for the application you would like to launch.
  4. Click the icon once.
  5. A 'Starting application...' window will appear while the application loads.
    *This step can take a few minutes depending on the app that is loading and your computer performance.
  6. The application will appear in a separate window and is ready to use.

Access Apps@UTK from iOS or Android

Download the Citrix Receiver app from the App Store or Google Play. 

Configure the app as follows:

  • Address:
  • Username:  your-netid
  • Password:  your-netid password
  • Domain:  utk
  • Security Token:  OFF / Domain Only


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