Zoom: Share Screen on iPhone


Do you need to use your iPhone as a document camera or use the camera to show something to your audience?

  1. Install the Zoom app on your phone
  2. Launch Zoom
  3. Log into the Zoom app.
  4. Join the meeting. (Tip, if you have the link on your calendar, you can just click the link and it will launch the Zoom app and connect you to the meeting automatically.)
  5. Select Cancel and do NOT join audio if you are already joined on your computer. Otherwise, you will have feedback.
  6. Select Share Content.
    Select Share Content
  7. Select Screen
    Choose Screen
  8. The first time you share screen, select Zoom under the Screen Recording Function.
    First time using Zoom, select Zoom under Screen Recording.
  9. On Screen Broadcast, choose Start Broadcast
    Choose Start Broadcast
  10. You will get a countdown and then Screen Broadcast screen will show.
    Screen broadcast menu go to what you want to show.
  11. Move out of Zoom and select your Camera app.
  12. When finished, go back to Zoom and choose Stop Share.
    when finished go back to Zoom and choose Stop Share.


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