Network Exception Request

Effective June 10th, 2024, OIT will begin blocking connections from the Internet to our internal campus networks.  We understand that your department may have systems that require inbound connections from the Internet, so we have created this exception process for you to request that your system(s) requiring access from the Internet be documented.  

If you need to submit multiple requests, please download the Network Exception Request Excel spreadsheet and fill out each column. Once you've completed it, return to this page, click Submit an Exception, choose multiple exceptions, and attach the spreadsheet before submitting the request.

Note About Static Devices

To apply exemptions, devices (hosts) must have a static IP address or a DHCP-reserved IP address. Due to our network configuration, devices with dynamic IP addresses assigned by DHCP will not work. This also means wireless clients will not be allowed to have an exemption, as they are all dynamically addressed. 

If your device lacks a static or DHCP-reserved IP address, Submit a Request to our IPMGR team

Submit an Exception


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