Breadth Experience Submission

Honors Breadth Requirements

Breadth Requirement Experience Levels for the Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program/Honors Concentration, and NAE Grand Challenge Scholar Programs

Note: For students pursuing GCS designations, these experience levels are to be considered examples of acceptable levels, as each student will have an individual plan agreed upon by the student and honors advisor.

If you feel that you have completed one or more of these breadth requirements for your honors concentration (Fall 2015 catalog and later), you can submit them for approval by the Honors faculty. You will need to submit separate Engineering Breadth Experience forms for each breadth experience. After you have two approved experiences from different categories (one of which is Introductory and one of which is Intermediate), you can submit the DARS Petition form to have this requirement cleared on your DARS.

For complete information about the Honors Breadth Requirements, visit the breadth requirements page.
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