Backup & Recovery



  • Perform automated, scheduled backup of systems to ensure that data is protected. The standard schedule is to automatically back up changed files once per day.
  • Customers can also manually back up files at any time as needed. This can be useful just before making software modifications and upgrades.
  • Retain at least two encrypted copies of every file backed up.
  • Retain one copy of every backed up file at one of OIT’s data centers in an automated tape library.
  • Retain one copy off-campus in case of a major disaster such as a fire, storm, or tornado.
  • Retain multiple versions of files automatically. Deleted files, as well as old/changed versions of files, are kept for thirty days.
  • Retain current versions of files backed up indefinitely.


  • The customer can restore files using a GUI or command-line interface whenever required without requiring OIT’s assistance.
  • All files restored are automatically decrypted without customer interaction.
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