Research Computing Support


  • Get help planning your research, acquiring data, analyzing data, and reporting results.
  • Get help analyzing data, including statistical consulting, qualitative analysis, geographic information systems, and machine learning.
  • Get help in designing studies or experiments, including determining sample size.
  • Find out the best way to acquire data, including designing web surveys, capturing websites, and importing third-party datasets.
  • Get help managing data, including cleaning, transforming, recoding, converting, stacking, or joining data sets.
  • Discover ways to explore your data for useful patterns using graphics, interactive geocoded maps, and data visualizations.
  • Get tips on finding the right combination of words, tables, and figures to present your results.
  • Need a co-author to help write or edit your results sections? We can help!
  • Find out how to download, install, and use research software such as ArcGIS, MATLAB, NVivo, R, SAS, SPSS, and many others.
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