LISTSERV Creation Request

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What is a LISTSERV?

LISTSERV® is a system that makes it possible to create, manage and control electronic “mailing lists.” At UTK, the software used for managing lists is from L-Soft, International, Inc.
Access to OIT’s LISTSERV site (Subscription, Archives, Management, and Ownership)

Is a LISTSERV right for me?

If you are simply looking for a simple bulk e-mail solution, you may not need the extra functionality (archives, subscription, etc) that LISTSERV provides. If you need a small, internal group communication list, you can request an Active Directory (AD) Email-enabled Group.  An AD group will allow you to send to a group of UT users using a single address. 

Request a LISTSERV


Service ID: 44450
Thu 7/2/20 4:15 PM
Tue 5/17/22 10:00 AM