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Services or Offerings?
We develop and support tools for Faculty; Elements, Faculty Review, Periodic Post-Tenure Performance Review, & Interfolio Faculty Search.

OIT partners with faculty and instructors to help with the design of your course.

Faculty members may be issued one (1) HDMI adapter or Persona Voice Amplifier for classroom use.

Report a problem or open a request for a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

OIT provides server space to faculty, staff, and students for personal or organizational web hosting and online storage. This includes:
- Linux-based web hosting
- OIT-Supported WordPress
- MySQL databases
- Vanity URLs / Virtual Host (Example: [sitename] or [sitename]

Request a two-factor hardware token if you do not have a smartphone.

See what software is available and find out how to order hardware.

Not sure what's wrong with your account? Start here.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, T-Storage, & UT Vault.

DMS provides text scanning and video clip digitization within copyright standards.

Breadth Requirement Experience Levels for the Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program/Honors Concentration, and NAE Grand Challenge Scholar Programs

Help with wired, wireless (Wi-Fi), Wide-Area-Network (WAN), VPN, and network cabling.

Do you want to use one of UT’s authentication services for your apps? OIT manages and supports LDAP, Active Directory, CAS, and Shibboleth.

We provide business analysis, software and technical solutions to benefit UTSA departments when commercial solutions are not readily available, are available at a prohibitive cost, or are available but fail to meet their requirements.