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Duo two-factor authentication is an extra layer of account security. It requires you to confirm your identity using your Login credentials and a personal device when trying to access University systems.

See information about supported and unsupported smartphone platforms for Duo Mobile.


Sign up for two-factor authentication from your desktop or laptop computer. 

During this process, you will need to have your smartphone available to set up Duo Mobile on your phone.

Please note that if you begin DUO enrollment but do not complete it, this can cause errors when accessing DUO-secured applications/sites. Please fully complete the enrollment to prevent any issues with your account.
  1. Once two-factor is added to your account, you will receive a prompt to Protect Your University of Tennessee Account, select 'Start Setup.'
  2. Select which type of device you are adding, Mobile phone, Tablet, or Security Key, and select Continue.
  3. Enter your phone number and select Continue. On the next screen, click Yes, it's correct to verify the phone number. 

  4. Install the "Duo Mobile" app on your mobile device. Then, click Next.
    Google Play Apple App Store
  5. If setting up Duo from your phone, tap Take me to Duo Mobile and allow your phone to open the Duo app.
    If setting up Duo from your computer, scan the QR code when prompted in the Duo app. 

  6. After the green checkmark appears, select Continue.

  7. IMPORTANT - You must click  'Continue to Login' to complete the 2FA set-up process.
  8. Select an authentication method.
       -Select 'Send Me a Push' to receive an alert on your smartphone (Recommended)
       -Select 'Enter a Passcode' to use the code displayed in the Duo Mobile App on your smartphone 
  9. You have successfully enabled two-factor on your NetID account and are ready to use two-factor.
    Select Okay to finish.
    manage two-factor options

Restore or Reactivation

If you get a new phone with the same phone number, you must restore your Duo account to the new one before you can sign in. 

If you have a new phone with a different phone number, you will need to contact the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900 to obtain a bypass code.

  1. Once you have your new phone, go to 2fa.utk.edu/restore
  2. Log in with your NetID and password and additional verification information.
  3. Select one of the Duo methods to log in. 
    1. Duo Push (only if you have access to your old device). 
    2. Text Message Passcode: Select ‘Text me new codes’ to receive an SMS message with new temporary codes to the phone number registered.
    3. Phone Call: Call the cell phone number already registered.  Select 7 to approve.
    4. Bypass Code (only if you have received a bypass code).

  4. IMPORTANT: Select ‘I have a new phone’ for your phone then select 'Get Started', and follow the instructions.



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Duo Two-Factor Authentication

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