* Travel: New Theme Launching April 10

On April 10, the Concur travel system releases a new theme, with updated layout and design that improves the overall design consistency and accessibility of our previous design. While you will encounter a new visual design this spring, current features and functionality will remain the same. This update primarily enhances the look and feel of SAP Concur products - for example, fonts, font sizes, icons, colors, and rounded corners. The navigation menu is slightly modified to make it easier to find what you are looking for. The changes should not be significant enough to require any re-training for you or your travelers. For Concur mobile users, this update is already in place.

Screen capture of updated Concur landing page.

The most noticeable changes are to the top of the screen.  Instead of tabs for Request, Expense, Approvals, and Reporting, there is now an arrow in the upper left to a drop-down menu for these options.  Secondly, in the upper right of the screen, Profile has been replaced with an icon reflecting the user’s initials.  Click on the icon to act as a delegate.    

Screen capture of updated navigation with the new Home drop-down menu.

NOTE: Access to the Travel and Reporting modules will also be included in the new Home drop-down menu. For Concur mobile users, this update is already in place.

Screen capture of new profile drop-down menu.

To learn more about this update, check out the Concur demo video or FAQ.

Observations from the Travel Team:

  • Colors are much more monochrome, however, button functionality is in the same location.
  • New Home navigation area reflects the active module being used.
  • Acting as a delegate is still available from the Profile and changes the profile name to green when acting as another traveler or approver.
  • Changing views between Active Reports/Requests, Sent for Payment or selected date ranges more visible.
  • Allocation/Attendee creation appears to have similar look/feel to current UI.
  • Approver. Other than monochromatic design, not changes in functionality. The ‘reviewed’ field visible to approvers is read only and intended for processor use. However, it does show approvers if a reviewer has looked at an expense.
  • Processor. Other than monochromatic design, not changes in functionality.
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