Security Classification: Email Notice Schedule


The day after registering a new UT-owned device on the network, you will receive email reminders about classifying the type of data stored on the device. All information about the device, Primary User, and Owner are listed in NetReg. The schedule of email notifications is below. 


All Devices

The classification email goes to the Primary User every day for 30 days. Then, for 5 days leading up to the disable date, email notifications are also sent to the Owner (if different). 

Static or DHCP Reserved Devices

The Primary User and Owner (if different) receive an additional email at 30, 15, and 7 or fewer days remaining before the disable date. 

Device Disabled Due to Not Being Classified

Whenever a device is disabled, the Primary User and Owner (if different) receive a final notice that the device will imminently lose network access if it isn't (re)classified. If a disabled device is classified within 14 days, it will be re-enabled in NetReg.

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