Email: Logging into Outlook or Gmail

How to Log In

Generally, your login username will be your NetID with your campus and affiliation suffix. 

  UT Knoxville  UT Chattanooga UTHSC  UT Martin UT Southern

UT Knoxville Alumni & Staff Retirees

Staff Retirees

Accessing Your Email Online

Sign in with your UT email address and NetID password through Microsoft 365 OR Gmail. UT Knoxville students, check out the UT Knoxville Tips about signing into email if you're having trouble.

Need to set up your password for the first time or can't log in?

Click this Button to Reset Your Password

The "reset it now" and "Forgot my password" links on the Microsoft login screen, as shown below, do not work. Click the button above to reset your password.

Still unable to log in? Contact your respective campus Help Desk. 

HelpDesk Contact Information for all UT Campuses

Campus Phone #
UT Knoxville 865-974-9900
UT Chattanooga    423-425-4000
UT Health Science Center  901-448-2222
UT Martin 731-881-7900
UT Southern 931-424-2009

UT Knoxville Tips

Students: Not seeing any email when logging into Microsoft 365? 

Students using Outlook

  • Students admitted for Fall 2024 choose Outlook to sign in to your UT Email/Volmail account.
  • Students admitted for Spring & Summer 2024 after November 1, 2023, choose Outlook to sign in to your UT Email/Volmail account.
  • Why the change? Read the announcement online.

Students using Gmail

  • All students who currently have a UT Gmail account choose Gmail.
  • Students admitted for Spring & Summer 2024 before November 1, 2023, choose Gmail to sign in to your UT Email/Volmail account.

Recent Phishing Scams

Check If a Message Has Been Reported as Phishing

You can check to see if an email you received has been reported as a scam on OIT's System Status Center: Recent Email Scam.

Reporting Suspicious Messages and Best Practices

Additional information and tips for best practices for email security are available in the OIT Knowledge Base

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