Travel: Attaching Documents to Requests and Expense Reports

There are many types of documents that need to be attached to a request or an expense report.  These include receipts, conference documentation, and other supporting documentation.

Per university fiscal policy, FI0705 – Travel, receipts are required for all travel expenses over $75 on travel cards and $50 out-of-pocket, with the exception of Fraudulent/Disputed Charge, International Transaction Fees, Negative Adjustment to Total, Tolls, Car Mileage, Meals – Per Diem, and Cash Advance Returns. Credit card statements or slips do not qualify as a receipt except in the cases of ground transportation, tolls, baggage fees and parking. If an itemized receipt has been lost, work directly with the vendor to receive a replacement. If an airfare, lodging, or car rental receipt is needed, contact the vendor to get a replacement receipt. 

NOTE:  Documents can be attached to a paid expense report; however, they cannot be added to a closed request.

The supported file types for upload to Concur are PDF (.png) and commonly available image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .tif, .tiff). The maximum file size is 5 MB per attachment. If the desired attachment exceeds the 5 MB limit, there multiple options for compressing or modifying Adobe PDF documents

  1. Adobe File Compression Web Tool. Web-based tool to upload any PDF and let Adobe apply the compression.
  2. Adobe Delete PDF Pages Web Tool. Upload any PDF to this web-based tool to review and remove pages.
  3. Adobe Acrobat File Compression. Adobe Acrobat DC users can use the include file compression tool or save as a Reduces File Size.
  4. Adobe Acrobat Remove Extraneous Pages. Adobe Acrobat DC users may also remove pages that are not relevant to supporting the expense report.
  5. Screen Captures of the Pertinent Material. Use the Mac Screen Shot keystrokes or the Windows Snipping Tool to capture required information.
  6. Image Compression. Use the Mac Preview Image or Microsoft Picture Manager to reduce file size.

There are multiple ways to update an expense report with attachments. Attachments can be added at the Header level or the Expense level.  Documents attached at the Expense level will flow over to IRIS and be visible on the FI posted document. Documents attached at the Header level will not flow over to IRIS.  Travelers also have the capability to attach documents to the Travel Request that can be reviewed as part of the approval to travel.  The attachment functionality can be accessed from multiple screens on the Travel Request.  The only interface with IRIS from the Travel Request is pertaining to Cash Advances.  The IRIS integration with Cash Advances does not include functionality to send any documents from Concur.  

Drag and Drop

There is a drag-and-drop feature for uploading attachments/receipts in Concur.  You can drag and drop attachments/receipts directly into a request or expense report at several places in a report or request.

  • Inside any expense item
  • Available Receipts section
  • Attach Receipt line-item icon pop-up

Add Receipt Drag and Drop Attachments

Attaching at the Expense Item Level

Attachments to individual expenses can be uploaded at the time the expense is created or after the expense has been saved.  At the time of expense creation, click Add Receipt on the right of the expense Details tab.

Add Receipt to Expense line item

If the receipt is visible under Available Receipts, select the appropriate receipt from the list and click the Attach icon on the bottom of that receipt. If the receipt is not visible under Available Receipts, click Upload New Receipt, navigate to folder that contains the receipt, select the appropriate file/receipt, click Open. The receipt will attach to the expense being entered. Click Save Expense.

Attach receipt new upload screen

Additional receipts can be added, or existing ones deleted, by clicking Remove or Add at the bottom of the Receipt panel.

Attach additional receipts

Attaching to the Expense Line Items Screen 

To attach the receipt after an expense item has been entered and saved, click the Add Receipt icon (the up arrow) in the expense line item.

Receipt upload icon


Attaching at the Expense Header Level

Documents can be attached to the expense header level.  However, it is recommended that attachments to an expense report be made at the line item.  Only material attached at the expense line item is posted to IRIS.

Header level attachments are managed under the Manage Receipts label.  To attach documents at the header, click Manage Receipts > Manage Attachments. 

Attach at expense header options

Deleting Documents from an Expense Report

If a document/receipt needs to be removed from an expense report, this can be done at the header or expense level. At the expense level, open the expense report and click the receipt image under the Receipt heading that is to be removed.   

Delete at receipt level

From the pop-up window, click Remove then Confirm the removal.    

To delete a document/receipt at the header level, click Manage Receipts > Manage Attachments. Select the document/receipt to be removed and click Delete.

 Attaching to the Travel Request

For requests, all documents must be attached at the header level.   Under Attachments there are options for viewing previously attached documents, attaching new documents, and deleting existing documents.  To add a new attachment, click Attach Documents. 

Attach at request header options

In the Document Upload and Attach popup window, click Upload and Attach. Navigate to the folder where the document resides, select the document, and click Open.  The attachment will be added to the report. 

Document Upload and Attach

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