Travel: Non-Travel Travel Card Charges

While the Concur Travel and Expense system was originally implemented at UT for travel-related expenses, University Fiscal Policy FI0531 – Travel Cards policy was modified in September, 2021 to allow the use of a University travel card to pay for business meals at an employee’s official location. These charges must comply with Fiscal Policy FI0715 – Entertainment, Group Arranged Events, Food and Housing Purchases for UT Sponsored Conferences and Seminars and with your campus/institute procedures. 

The trip business purpose Non-Travel Travel Card Charges was created for use with these local charges since they are not associated with travel. It is designed for the payment and reimbursement of expenses for local Entertainment and Group Arranged Events, and can only be used with UT travel card charges. Out-of-pocket expenses for these local expenses will continue to be reimbursed through petty cash. This business purpose should not be used for travel-related expenses.  

The trip type associated with this business purpose should be based on the location of the official work station of the cardholder.  As these expenses are not related to travel, a travel request is not required even for out-of-state locations.   

Eligible Expense Types

There are a limited number of expense types that can be charged to this business purposes.  These expense types are:

  • Entertainment
    Hospitality events hosted by the University for non-employees.

Note: Entertainment is not permitted on federally sponsored grants and contracts.

  • Group Arranged Meals/Events
    Hospitality events primarily hosted for University faculty, staff and students.
  • Non-Reimbursable or Personal
    Expenses or portions of expenses not eligible for reimbursement.

Entertainment and Group Arranged Meals/Events Expense Item
When adding the appropriate travel card transaction(s) to the expense report using the Non-travel Travel Card Charges trip business purpose, it may be necessary to change the Expense Type to the appropriate selection. When claiming Entertainment or Group Arranged Meals/Events, complete the text field entry as well as specifying the individuals covered under this expense using the Attendees function.

screen shot of entertainment

screen shot of group arranged meals/events


Attendees that are employed by the university can be added via the Add Attendees search.

screen shot of adding employee attendees

However, non-UT employees must be manually added to the cardholder’s Concur profile using the Create New Attendee link above the Close button. Once attendees have been added, click the Save button to return to the expense item.

screen shot of adding guest attendees


Non-Reimbursable or Personal Expense Item
If a travel card transaction is not eligible to claim as Entertainment or Group Arranged Meals/Event, or was a personal purchase, it must be reconciled using the Non-Reimbursable or Personal expense type. This will generate a payroll deduction from the cardholder.

screen shot of non-reimbursable/Personal expenses


Accounting Entries
The accounting entries for these expenses will continue to be charged to the same GLs to which they are currently charged:

  • 446200 for Group Arranged Meals/Events
  • 449200 for Entertainment

If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact    



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