K@TE: What is K@TE?

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K@TE (pronounced "Kate") is the University of Tennessee's comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) that delivers professional development opportunities and compliance training to UT employees and external UT customers.

K@TE empowers UT faculty and staff members in their pursuit of lifelong learning by providing access to thousands of online, in-person and hybrid learning opportunities – all available in a single learning platform.

Additionally, K@TE provides online, in-person and hybrid learning opportunities to external UT customers located throughout the state of Tennessee and beyond.

To read more about the UT programs offering learning opportunities through K@TE, visit the Programs section of the K@TE website.

When you log in to K@TE, you are granted access to online, in-person and hybrid learning opportunities. The benefits of using K@TE include furthering your own professional development, completing compliance or work-related training each year, recording and tracking your completion records in a central location, and much more!

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