IRIS: Working With the Student Hire e-Form - ZHR_STUDENT_HIRE

The new Student E-Form, IRIS transaction ZHR_STUDENT_HIRE, is designed to offer a streamlined process for on-boarding undergraduate student workers/rehires in the IRIS system. The new functionality allows the user to input the necessary information and allows attachments for documentation.


In order to successfully complete each transaction you will need:

• The NetID or SSN of the student or the personnel number of the rehire

• Student’s address, phone, and other personal information such as gender, nationality, marital status, nationality, etc. as well as the W-4, I-9, Disclosure Form, and Direct Deposit  information. Rehires should have most of that information preloaded into the system and will only need updated as necessary. 

Please note: Authorization of Disclosure and Direct Deposit are not required documents in order to submit into workflow, however those options are available. 

Please visit the IRIS Help website for more information about the Student Hire e-Form

For additional assistance utilizing IRIS, please visit our instructional documents and videos on the IRIS Help website.  You can also submit a help ticket online if you have additional questions.


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