Travel: Using the SAP Concur Mobile App

Concur, the University’s travel platform is equipped with many integrations to improve the traveler’s experience managing travel, including the full feature mobile app, SAP Concur. This app allows travelers to manage expenses, including capture receipt images that automatically upload to their Concur profile.

Download the App
 The SAP Concur app can be downloaded directly from your mobile device via the Android Google Play or iPhone App stores, as well as the Concur App Center. Login to Concur via with your UT NetID credentials and select the App Center from the navigation bar.


Sign In
Travelers will use the email address to initiate the SAP Concur app login and then select the Sign in with Mobile SSO. When prompted enter your UT NetID credentials and verify DUO two-factor authentication. Travelers can make the sign-in process easier by enabling security features on their device, such as biometrics.

Once successfully logged into the system, the landing page enables you to book airfare or car rentals, request travel approval, compile expenses, capture receipt images, submit and even approve expense reports.

NOTE: Due to built-in compliance features, lodging for business travel is only available via the web-based Concur platform or contacting World Travel.                   

Capture Receipt Images
Tap the Camera Receipt icon on the blue function bar at the bottom of the app. Place your image on a surface and allow the app to auto focus on the receipt details. This action may not capture the full receipt white space. Tap the Ready to capture icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap USE if the image is acceptable, otherwise tap RETAKE to capture another image.

Travelers have the option to send the image to the RECEIPT STORE that also populates the Available Receipts area on their Concur profile, or add the image to a NEW EXPENSE. Saving the image to the Receipt Store makes the receipt image available for upload to expense line items. Creating a New Expense allows the traveler to link the receipt image to and complete the expense item entry. The expense item can then be added to a new or previously created expense report.

screen shots of Mobile receipts

NOTE: While the app will attempt to capture a complete view of the receipt, verify that the vendor, date and itemized detail of the transaction is captured.

Learn More
While this guide focuses on downloading, signing in and capturing receipt images, the mobile app contains additional functionality. Please visit to register for instructor-led training or browse knowledge base articles at for additional support. Additional Concur resources are available for Android and iPhone users.

NOTE: Concur resources may cover features that are not supported by the University of Tennessee.

If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact

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