Travel: Submitting Mileage Claims

Concur, the University’s travel platform is equipped with many integrations to improve the traveler’s or their delegate’s experience booking or managing travel. One such feature is the integrated Google Map function within the Car Mileage expense type. The Mileage Calculator provides a Google Map interface for the easy input of location waypoints that are then automatically summarized to create the mileage expense details. While this feature is recommended and easy to use, it is not required to claim personal mileage expenses. As of January 1, 2024, personal car mileage is reimbursed at the approved State of Tennessee rate of $0.67 per mile, which is automatically calculated in the Car Mileage expense item. Courtesy car mileage is reimbursed at $0.21 per mile.

NOTE: As of March 1, 2022, all expense reports using the Mileage Only trip business purpose will be approved and posted to IRIS for payment after the Cost Object Approver approval stop. If an exception is claimed, the report will continue to the campus’ Chief Business Officer and the Chief Finance Officer before posting to IRIS. The only exception to this will be any individual that requires a double audit or is flagged for processor review. 

Mileage Calculator

From a new or existing expense report, click the Add Expense button and select the Car Mileage expense type from the Create New Expense tab. The Mileage Calculator is automatically launched to enter destination waypoints. Each waypoint can be adjusted manually by selecting or dragging the route on the map view. Destinations can be reordered by selecting the location and dragging to the new order location in the list. If necessary, waypoints can be marked as personal mileage and will be excluded from the reimbursable total. Once completed, click the Add Mileage to Expense button to review the expense.

screen print of Mileage Calculator

If correct, click the Save Expense button, but if adjustments are needed click the Mileage Calculator link on the Details tab to access the map and waypoints.

Car Mileage expense screen

NOTE: The Car Mileage expense type can be used with any Trip Business Purpose. However, if you are submitting a monthly mileage claim, travelers must use the Mileage Only Trip Business Purpose.

Mileage Log

When claiming monthly mileage, a traveler may choose to track mileage in a traditional mileage log form that can be uploaded to the Car Mileage expense type using the Attach Receipt function.

From a new or existing expense report, click the Add Expense button and select the Car Mileage expense type from the Create New Expense tab. The Mileage Calculator will automatically launch but may be closed by clicking the ‘X’ in the upper right corner or the Cancel link in the lower right corner of the window. This opens the expense details to manually enter the required information. It is recommended to note the use of a mileage log in the Comments field. Select the Show Receipt link beneath the Save Expense button to open the panel to upload the mileage log. Click the Save Expense button after entering the required data and attaching the log file.

screen capture of the car mileage expense item.

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