Spam Quarantine: View Details About a Specific Message

After locating a specific quarantined message, you can view details about it. In the spam quarantine, select a specific message and a summary of the properties of that message appear in the details pane on the right side of the screen.

Message Status Values

  • Expires   The date when the message will be deleted from the quarantine.

Message Details Values

  • Sender   The email address of the person who sent the message.
  • Subject   The subject line text of the message.
  • Received   The date on which the message was received by the quarantine.
  • Size   The size of the message, in kilobytes (KB), or, if the message size is greater than 999 KBs, in megabytes (MB).
  • View message header   Click this link to open the message header dialog box, which lets you view the message header text. You can also copy the message header text to your clipboard and paste it into the Message Header Analyzer. Once in the Message Header Analyzer tool, click Analyze headers in order to retrieve information about the header


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Tue 5/11/21 10:27 AM
Mon 10/23/23 12:29 PM
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