What are cost object approvers, approval delegates, and preview approvers?

The cost object approver is the person responsible for approving travel requests and expense reports charged to their funds centers.  The cost object approver can have delegates to assist with the approvals.   There are two types of delegates for the approver.

  • An approval delegate in Concur is comparable to a substitute in IRIS.  Substitute approvers in IRIS are automatically set up in Concur as approval delegates.  Approval delegates can approve any item sent to the cost object approver.  Email notifications will be sent to both the approver and the approval delegate.
  • A preview approver in Concur is comparable to a reviewer in IRIS.  Reviewers for a funds center in IRIS are set up as preview approvers for the funds center approver.  The preview approver can review the item and ‘Notify the Approver’ when it is ready for their approval.  

Cost object approvers, approval delegates, and preview approvers are all determined based on the information in IRIS for these roles.  The IRIS transaction “ZAPPS_RPT - Approver Responsibilities Report” can be used to determine how the approvers and delegates will be set up in Concur.

The IRIS transaction “ZSEDEPTAUTH000 - Departmental Authorization Request“ is used to request these roles. The transaction is available from the IRIS easy access menu from the path IRIS User Tools >> User Access.  Once changes are made to these roles in IRIS, they transfer through a nightly interface and are available in Concur the following day.

If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact travel@tennessee.edu. 



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